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Welcome to tech tip's on this page we will post tips and tricks to help you out and save you money. Please email any suggestions you have to payless@payless4wheeldrive .com and we will post them here. 

Do you have a late model Dodge with a compressor clutch out ? If so don't waste your time looking for a new one from Dodge (there on national back order) Do this instead. Use one from a new model Ford . Auto Zone part number  667878 By Visteon. You will then need to find a 2 prong flat plug to fit the clutch, we went to the junk yard and got one. Then cut and solder the new plug into place (using the same wires that went to the old clutch). It does not matter how you connect the two wires to your original two wires. Mount the clutch with the plug down , the original was up but its a lot easier to work on with it pointed down. Put everything back together and your all set. The original clutch sells for $378.00 , We did the whole thing for less than $175.00 in parts. 

Have a newer Ford Focus with the sealed air box/filter unit?? Remove the sealed unit from the vehicle. Using a flat blade screwdriver carefully split the box in half at the seam. This may take some time and patience but it can be done. Remove the foam filters from the box. Using dish soap wash and dry them keeping track of their order in the box. Take the center one and use air filter oil and re-oil it . Then reassemble the box . We used some small sheet metal screws to hold it together. Re install it and your done. New air filter from Ford $445.00 . We spent about $5.00 in parts and oil. 

Send mail to payless@payless4wheeldrive.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 09/08/09
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